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Transport models

Transport for Wales is developing transport models (computerised representations of our transport network) to cover the whole of Wales. Our models will represent all the main forms of transport, such as car, bus and rail and will contain information on the trips that people make by each form of transport.  

The transport models will:  

  • Give us a better understanding of how the entire transport network works 
  • Allow us to assess the likely transport impact of different development scenarios, such as where new houses are built 
  • Provide a simple means of testing a variety of new transport solutions so that we can propose schemes that make a positive difference to people’s lives 

We need help to build these models so we’re conducting research at bus and railway stations throughout Wales.  We know that you may have questions about our research, so here are the answers to some frequently asked questions: 

Regional transport models FAQs 

Why do you need to interview people at bus and railway stations?  
It’s important that we understand where and why people are travelling. The only way to understand this properly is to ask! Accurate and up-to-date information on everyone’s travel patterns allows us to build transport models that are truly representative of the real situation in Wales. 
What will you do with the answers people provide? 

Answers from hundreds of interviews and survey responses across Wales will be combined with a wide range of other datasets to provide a clear picture of where, when, why and how often people are travelling. We’ll will use this information to create our transport models.  
All data will be kept and managed in accordance with our privacy policy. The privacy statement can be viewed on the following link: 
If I’m approached by an interviewer do I have to answer the interview questions? 

While the surveys and interviews are completely voluntary, we’d be very grateful for your time and the information you can provide. The greater the level of responses we receive the more representative our transport models will be. 
What types of data are you collecting? 
We’re are collecting a wide range of data, including movement data from mobile phone networks, traffic volume counts, passenger counts and data from passenger interviews. When combined, this data will provide a true representation of current travel patterns across Wales. 
Who’s building the transport models? 

Transport for Wales is responsible for developing the transport models on behalf of the Welsh Government. Following a competitive tender process, Transport for Wales has awarded contracts to WSP and Jacobs to help build the models.  

When will the transport models be completed? 
The transport model covering South East Wales was developed by the Welsh Government between 2015 and 2017 and is currently in use. The transport models covering the rest of Wales will be completed by the end of 2020. 
Who’ll own the transport models? 

The Welsh Government will own the transport models. Transport for Wales is responsible for their development and for making sure they remain up-to-date.