Social distancing

Physical distancing

Keep your distance to stay as safe as possible on public transport

Keep your distance to stay as safe as possible public transport

Physical distancing measures on public transport

Physical distancing on public transport across Wales include. 

  • limiting the number of passengers allowed on buses and trains at one time  
  • introducing one-way queuing systems at stations 
  • using clear physical distancing markings 
  • encouraging customers to use contactless payments or buy tickets online or at ticket machines

Please keep your distance

Please stay apart from others wherever possible on public transport.

As more passengers begin to use public transport, helping everyone to socially distance as much as possible remains one of our top priorities

We’re using all of our available trains, continuing to review our timetable and carrying out additional cleaning to keep our colleagues and customers safe.

Here’s how you can help us keep the transport network as safe as possible:

  • Continue to work from home if you can
  • Walk and cycle if you can
  • Try to avoid travelling during busier times
  • Plan ahead by using our capacity checker to find trains with more space
  • Buy tickets and reserve a place on your preferred train well before the day of travel.
  • Some routes have longer intercity services serving them, so consider changing your plans to use trains with more carriages
  • Try to avoid standing near doorways and use a window seat. Please remember that some passengers can only use some parts of the train, such as wheelchair accessible spaces, so keep them free where you can.
  • Respect the space of our colleagues whilst they’re working to keep you safe
  • Wear a face covering unless you’re exempt and help us keep windows open on trains where they do open. Trains without openable windows do have ventilation too
  • Continue to follow our Travel Safer advice


Wear a face covering 

You must wear a face covering on public transport, at stations, on platforms, in waiting rooms and in train station car parks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus to other travellers and staff unless you’re exempt. Face coverings are mandatory where physical distancing can be difficult to achieve such as on public transport. 

Please bring a face covering with you and put it on before:

  • going into a train station car park
  • going into a station
  • going onto a platform
  • using a waiting room
  • getting on your bus or train

Children under the age of 11, people with breathing difficulties or people with a physical or mental illness or impairment or disability don’t have to wear a face covering.  Children over the age of 11 must wear a face covering unless they’re disabled or suffer from breathing difficulties. 

The Welsh government's full list of exceptions can be found here.

Find out more about wearing face coverings on public transport here


Help us - please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly

We’re doing extra cleaning so you can make journeys as safely as possible.

Please help us by:

  • washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or using hand sanitiser regularly.
  • bringing your own hand sanitiser if you can.


Children on public transport 

Children can travel on public transport, but please consider whether or not they could walk or cycle or they should be accompanied by a responsible adult or carer.  

Children need to observe physical distancing and should:

  • stay away from people outside their household wherever possible
  • avoid physical contact and keep the time spent near others as short as possible
  • wear a face covering if they’re aged 11 or over and aren’t disabled or suffering  from breathing difficulties
  • face away from people outside their household
  • wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser before and after travelling 

If you’re responsible adult or carer, please try to ensure that children observe physical distancing. 


Your questions

Read our FAQs to find out more about what we’re doing to make sure public transport in Wales is as safe as possible.

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