Train on the Wales and Borders rail service

Wales and Borders Rail Service

The new Wales and Borders Rail Service launched in October 2018. We’ll be transforming the service and making it the choice you can rely on for travel to work, to access public services and to enjoy leisure time.

We’re partnering with the new rail service provider, Transport for Wales Rail Services, and will be closely involved in the leadership and delivery of rail services. This will allow us to put passengers’ priorities at the centre of everything we do.

With the new rail service, we’re focused on alleviating concerns around seat capacity, journey times and service frequency. We’ll be introducing fair, affordable fares and new modern, high-quality trains. Train services will be more punctual and performance standards will be passenger focused.

We want the new rail service to change your views of public transport in Wales and the borders. Find out more about the plans and see what’s happening in your area as the Journey Begins.

The new rail service will benefit all regions of Wales, as well as communities along the border in England as we invest to transform the network.

In North Wales, we are investing extensively to introduce new trains, improve stations and increase the frequency of services. We’re investing in Shotton, Deeside and Wrexham stations and increasing the frequency of services on the Wrexham-Bidston line to introduce the North Wales Metro.

We’re committed to delivering an improved service for communities in the Borders. Our Cross-Border Forum takes into account the view of passengers using these services. Several new cross-border rail services will be introduced and we’ll create a true intercity experience on the North-South long-distance services.

In developing plans for the new rail service, we spoke extensively with passengers, non-passengers, industry experts and a range of stakeholders. We listened to people’s views to develop plans for a rail service that meets people’s needs.

As well as operating the Wales and Borders Rail Service, Transport for Wales will build and operate the new South Wales Metro.

Project updates

– Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ITSFT)

A redacted version of the Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ITSFT) that was issued to bidders for the Wales and Borders Rail Service and South Wales Metro has been published to the ‘Documents’ tab located within this page. Please note that these documents are available in English only.

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Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ITSFT)

The ITSFT sets out our requirements for the Wales and Borders Rail Service and South Wales Metro. It was issued to bidders on 28 September 2017. The ITSFT formally detailed our requirements, provided guidance to bidders on how to respond and outlines how responses were to be evaluated.

Volume 1: ITSFT

Volume 2: Evaluation Model

Volumes 3-12

Volume 13: Response Templates

Volume 14: ODP Grant Agreement

Volume 15: CVL Asset Lease

An Introduction to the ODP Grant Agreement

The Introduction to the Grant Agreement is a guide to the key requirements and commitments of the ODP Grant Agreement for the provision of rail services in Wales and the Borders.

An Introduction to the ODP Grant Agreement

Rolling stock tables

The Rolling Stock Requirements for the Wales and Borders Rail Service and South Wales Metro.