Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling

Get active and walk or cycle

Please walk or cycle whenever you can, particularly for short journeys, to reduce pressure on public transport.

Stay safe, plan ahead and be a responsible traveller. 

Don’t travel if you’re feeling unwell.

When using public transport;  

  • wear your face covering at all times
  • keep your distance
  • be respectful to other travellers and our staff
  • wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

Help us keep the network as safe as possible by following our Travel Safer guidance.

You can check the Welsh Government’s guidance here.  

Travelling to other UK nations

From 12 April 2021, Travel restrictions have been lifted in Wales allowing for travel between Wales and the rest of the UK, or wider Common Travel Area (Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

You can view the latest guidance on travelling outside of Wales here.

On April 12 2021, the UK Government also lifted the essential travel restrictions in England, allowing for travel between England and the rest of the UK or wider Common Travel Area.

You’ll need to check what guidance is in place for where you’re intending to travel from or to as some countries within the Common Travel Area have travel restrictions in place. This may prevent you from travelling unless you have a reasonable excuse, for example, travelling for work or education.

You’ll need to follow the guidance for EnglandScotland and Northern Ireland when travelling in those areas.

The Welsh Government’s guidance advises against travelling unnecessarily to other parts of the UK with higher levels of coronavirus to help control the spread of the virus.

Reduced bus and rail timetables  

Please plan ahead and check before you travel.  

Our rail services will be running on a reduced timetable to help keep staff and those who need to make journeys as safe as possible.  

If you’re travelling by train, please use our capacity checker.

Bus services are already running a reduced timetable.  

If you’re travelling by bus, please check your local bus operator’s website for more information. You can check your local operators here.

Cycles on public transport

Physical distancing is limiting space on public transport.  Please don’t bring your bike onto public transport unless you:

  • need it for your job
  •  can fold it up to save space 

If you cycle to the station, please use the cycle storage at or near our stations where available. Find out more about cycle parking facilities at our railway stations.

Walk or cycle for short journeys 

Could you walk or cycle instead of using public transport in these difficult times?  It would reduce the pressure on public transport, and you’ll get your daily exercise while you’re travelling. 

Find out more about walking and cycling locally

Find out more about dedicated walking and cycling routes where you live.

Your local council may also be installing temporary facilities to make it easier to walk and cycle. You can check what’s happening where you live.

The National Cycle Network

The National Cycle Network is a UK-wide network of signed paths and routes for walking and cycling.  

Public cycle schemes 

You can hire a cycle from a public cycle scheme, such as Nextbike in Cardiff, if you don’t own one yourself.  Currently they’re only available in some parts of Wales.  

Find out more about using a Nextbike safely.

Maintain physical distancing and wash your hands

Please try to maintain physical distancing (staying 2 metres apart from others) when you’re walking or cycling, for example when approaching or passing other pedestrians or waiting at crossings and traffic lights.

Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before and after cycling.

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Capacity checker

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