Rydym yn gwybod beth mae bod ar amser yn ei olygu i chi, yma gallwch weld ein ffigurau prydlondeb am gyfnod diweddaraf y rheilffordd a lle y mae unrhyw funudau o oedi wedi’u priodoli.


Period 6 2021: 20 Medi - 17 Hydref 2021

Mesur Perfformiad Cyhoeddus (PPM)

Yn dangos y canran o drenau a gyrhaeddodd eu gorsaf derfynol o fewn 4 munud 59 eiliad i’r amser a hysbysebwyd

  • O fewn PPM: 88.2%
  • Tu allan I PPM: 11.8%


Amser Cywir

Yn dangos y canran o drenau a gyrhaeddodd eu gorsaf derfynol o fewn 59 eiliad i’r amser a hysbysebwyd

  • O fewn yr amser cywir: 64.2%
  • Tu allan I'r amser cywir: 35.8%


Cyfran o Orsafoedd y Methwyd â Stopio Ynddynt (PSSM)

Yn dangos y canran o orsafoedd lle yr oedd llai na 5% o’r arosiadau a drefnwyd wedi’u methu

  • O fewn PSSM: 96.8%
  • Tu allan I PSSM: 3.2%


Munudau o Oedi

Yn dangos y canran o funudau o oedi y gellir eu priodoli i Trafnidiaeth Cymru, Network Rail a chwmnïau trên eraill

  • TrC: 43.4%
  • Amey: 8.6%
  • Network Rail: 40.5%
  • Chwmnïau trên erail: 7.5% 

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Rail performance

Our passengers deserve a high quality, reliable and punctual service, so we’ve introduced a new set of performance metrics, unique to TfW, focussed on delivering a greater experience for our passengers. 

In the past, rail targets were measured by Public Performance Measures which meant that it would be acceptable for a train to be late for most of a journey but arrive on time at the last scheduled stop. Often this would be achieved by skipping stops to ‘catch up’ with the timetable.

TfW doesn’t believe that this approach is right for our passengers, so we’re measuring three essential metrics, to help improve our services and customers’ journeys: Passenger Time Lost, Cancellations and Short Formations. These focus on punctuality, reliability and capacity respectively.

Passenger Time Lost is a new metric which measures punctuality (to within 3 minutes) at every recorded station stop on a journey whilst taking account of the number of passengers arriving at their destination. This allows us to track our customers’ experiences with the aim to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination on time. 
Cancellations measures the reliability of the service, and Short Formations takes into account the capacity of the service, by measuring the percentage of services formed with fewer passenger vehicles than planned in the train plan.


Previous period performance stats

  • Period 10:  13 Dec 2021 - 2 Jan 2022
    • Wales and Cross Border Services

      Passenger Time Lost - 76.7%

      Cancellations  - 5.3%

      Short Formations - 5.8%


      Core Valley Line Services

      Passenger Time Lost - 80.8%

      Cancellations  - 10.1%

      Short Formations - 7.3%


      Delay Minutes for all TfW services

      TfW – 45.6%

      Amey – 3.7%

      Network Rail – 44.9%

      Other TOCs – 5.8%